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One of the biggest concerns clients have when selecting a personal protection dog is whether or not their protection dog will be safe around their children. The majority of our clients are families with young children and their personal protection dogs and children become the best of friends. It’s hard to comprehend how a dog so powerful, and capable of taking down a full grown man, and trained to attack, can also be so gentle with a small child. Many people assume personal protection dogs are not safe around children. In some cases, this is accurate; many working dogs, police dogs, military dogs, and protection dogs are not suitable to be around young children. Large, strong, energetic dogs, with high prey drive that generally make up the population of these dogs have not been exposed to children, will not tolerate them, and whether by accident or natural instinct may knock them over or hurt them in another manner. Many personal protection dogs are not properly trained and lack the temperament and nerves needed to be a family companion. Some trainers focus on just the protection piece of the training. But on a day to day basis, a dogs protection capabilities are not used; protection training is just one piece of a protection dogs make up here at Protection Dogs Plus. We place a huge emphasis on socialization, selecting dogs with the proper temperament, paired with obedience and protection training as well. Our personal protection dogs are raised around children from puppyhood and we continue socializing them with children throughout their training with us. A family protection dog is no good to you or your family if they cannot travel with you, live in your house, and be around your children and guests which is why socialization and integrative training is such a huge part of our program. Our dogs form incredible bonds with children and become best friends. From a young age our dogs are socialized with children to accept them as a part of every day life, to play with them, and to be well mannered with them. We teach them how to properly interact with children and we take this part of our training very seriously, as we are parents ourselves, and know firsthand how important child safety is. Not only do our personal protection dogs make a great playmate or best friend for your children, but they are also an additional layer of security for your family. During our in-home delivery process, many clients choose to have their children learn to give the dog obedience commands and work with the dog; having a dog listen to them makes every child’s face light up with delight!

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