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Protection Dogs Plus was founded by Khaled and Ashleigh Behisy in 2011 with the goal of providing families around the world with the finest protection dogs. After many years in the industry there were two types of dogs on the market; social loving dogs with only sport skills that would never stand up in a real life scenario, or military and police style trained dogs not suitable for living in a family and being part of every day life. PDP dogs are more than pets; they are family members and protectors. They combine the highest level of functional obedience, manners, and reliable protection training paired with sociability and personality to create the ultimate companion. PDP dogs offer the best of both worlds; highly trained family companions who are ready for every day life with you, but have the training needed to protect should the situation arise. 


For those of us visiting us we are located just 30 minutes from Manchester Regional airport, and a little over an hour from Boston Logan International Airport. For those flying privately, we recommend Pease airport in Portsmouth, NH, just 30 minutes from us. The nearest hotels are located in Exeter, New Hampshire just 20 minutes from us. Exeter has a beautiful downtown area complete with little shops and cafes. We are also located just 10 minutes from Epping, NH where you will find an array of shopping and restaurants. 

Who We Are

Khaled Behisy

Founder, Co-Owner, and Training Director
Khaled has over 20 years of hands on, practical experience training personal protection dogs specifically for families.  Khaled has trained various breeds of dogs all over the world, and had the opportunity to work with other trainer’s and experts worldwide. Khaled has delivered dogs to families all over the world including CEO’s, royalty, government officials and families. Through his experience Khaled has continued to refine and advance the training programs and exercises he has created both through the training of personal protection dogs, and behavioral and obedience services for dogs of all kinds. Khaled’s background in protection dogs ensures that our programs are unique, rather than the cookie cutter dog sport training program. AKC titles, ring sport titles and pedigrees won’t protect you or your family. Khaled is first and foremost a trainer and his background includes specifically training personal protection dogs; not police, military or sport dogs. You can find Khaled involved in personally training each and everyone of our dogs. He does not oversee a group of inexperienced trainers below him, and he is by no means a salesmen! Those who have worked with Khaled both employees and clients alike know that he is honest and cares first and foremost about integrity and the quality of the dogs he puts his name behind.

Ashleigh Behisy

Founder, Co-Owner, and “Travel Agent”
Ashleigh has grown up with dogs and a variety of animals all of her life. Animals have always been her biggest passion and she grew up and competed in a variety of 4-H programs as youth. Through 4-H she learned compassion and care for animals of all kinds and what role animals play in people’s every day lives. For the past 17 years Ashleigh has been working with dogs in a formal setting and has experience in the care, conditioning, and breeding of working dogs. Ashleigh has a background and Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and is responsible for finding and selecting some of our most elite dogs. Ashleigh oversees all of our deliveries including the travel our trainer’s and dogs to places all over the world. Ashleigh ensures that all of our clients both past and present receive top notch customer service when needed, whether it’s a training question or a simple opinion on what to feed your dog! Ashleigh is driven to ensure that all of our clients and dogs are happy! As a mother of two, and the owner of two Belgian Malinois, Ashleigh knows first hand what it’s like to live with two of our dogs in every day life and how they integrate into a family. Because of this, she knows first hand the concerns a parent may have with introducing a protection dog to their family, and understands the need of a dog that is first and foremost a good family dog. One of Ashleigh’s top priorities is ensuring that your new protection dog and family member is right for your family and will integrate well in their new surroundings!

Chris Henry

Delivery Trainer & Master Trainer
Chris has spent the last 18 years training dogs and is on the frontline of development of our finest protection dogs. From a young age, Chris has always had a passion for animals. Chris started his formal training career in 2002 when he was given the opportunity to work at his Uncle’s training company located in Coos Bay, Oregon. While working for his Uncle, Chris learned to train dogs in advanced obedience, narcotic and bomb detection, and personal protection. After working with his Uncle, Chris moved back to his home state of North Carolina to further his education at the police dog academy, Tarheel Canine. Chris graduated in 2003 with a certificate in obedience and police work. After graduating, Chris worked at one of the world’s largest protection dog companies for 8 years. While there, Chris trained some of the best personal protection dogs in advanced obedience and personal protection. Chris traveled all over the world and within the United States training and hand delivering these dogs to all kinds of clientele such as business executives, celebrities, doctors, chief executives, etc. In 2012, Chris was given an offer he couldn’t refuse; the opportunity to work for Protection Dogs Plus. Chris is one the most dependable and experienced trainers we have on our staff. Chris has experience working with numerous breeds of all temperaments and dispositions. Through Chris’ experiences he has gained the knowledge and understanding that every dog is unique in their own way. Taking this into consideration, Chris tailors his training to each pet’s individual needs. Chris is often tasked with delivery of our dogs to their new homes. He is gregarious, fun, and informative and will do everything humanly possible to ensure that your new dog makes an easy transition to your home. Clients love Chris and find his easy going personality comforting. To some, the idea of having a trainer come to your house with a new dog may seem offsetting but Chris is sure to make you feel at ease and many of our clients consider Chris family once he leaves!

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