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All of the dogs listed on our website are here at our facility. We do not sell dogs that we have not personally evaluated or dogs that are still in Europe. If you are interested in buying a protection dog with different characteristics than you see here, or with a different level of training, please contact us as we may have additional dogs available that are not yet listed here, and dogs are sometimes sold before they are posted to the website. Depending on the natural ability of the dog, we may also be able to provide the dog of your choice with additional training to achieve the training level of your preference.

You can also see a listing of some of our recently sold protection dogs.

Guardian Plus

  • Dena

    German Shepherd


  • Art

    German Shepherd

  • Astra

    Belgian Malinois

  • Ruby

    Dutch Shepherd

  • Zar

    German Shepherd

  • Brixa

    German Shepherd


  • Xabo

    German Shepherd


  • Qwintto

    German Shepherd

  • Robbi

    German Shepherd

  • Panther

    German Shepherd

  • Polly

    German Shepherd

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