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Click on the videos below to see a small selection of our realistic training scenarios for personal protection and off-leash control. We’re training dogs every day, using a wide variety of settings and handlers to be absolutely sure any of our dogs are ready to be your family’s loving pet and reliable guardian.

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See the Protection Dogs Plus difference

Our personal protection dogs are not mean dogs or trained guard dogs that have to live outside. The dogs we select and train are the most loveable dogs, especially around children. Protection Dogs Plus Owner Khaled Behisy explains.

Hear Tony Stewart’s Protection Dogs Plus experience

In this video, Tony Stewart talks about why he chose Protection Dogs Plus and his experience with the company with his dogs Max and Mia.

Hear a client’s Protection Dogs Plus experience

In this video, our clients talk about their experience with Protection Dogs Plus; from the sale to delivery and follow up of their dog Dargo.

Hear a client’s Protection Dogs Plus experience

In this video, our client talks about his experience with Protection Dogs Plus and his dog Fendi, as well as talking about the Protection Dogs Plus advantage compared to his previous experience of buying a protection dog from another company.

Protection for the Whole Family

Watch as Khaled’s five-year-old daughter, Lyla, puts Arko to the test in an off-leash protection training scenario.

Our protection dogs are obedient dogs

Here we see two Belgian Malinois and a German Shepherd showing off some of their tricks together. This is the kind of obedience you can expect from your dog every day.

Specialized Training

Watch in this video as Viper protects two small children, ages 3 and 6. On command, this Belgian Malinois rushes to their side, circling them and barking. When given the command, or when the attacker attempts to touch the children, Viper takes out the threat.

Training 2 Dogs for Home Protection

Some of our clients want to keep a protection dog at home with their family while they head out the door with a personal protection dog of their own. This training reel shows how we teach two strong, independent dogs to not just tolerate, but to compliment one another.

Switch On, Switch Off

Watch in this video as Falco, one of our German Shepherd protection dogs, demonstrates muzzle attacks, takedowns, and showing full aggression instantly on command. This training is crucial because the best dogs for protection can go from mellow to tactical at the first sign of trouble.

Trained guard dogs with a big Plus

Bad guys beware: You won’t see Rex coming because he seems to be a calm, loving and gentle family pet. And that’s exactly what he is- unless provoked. When you threaten his family’s safety or property, this reliable Guardian goes from 0-60 before you can say “Uncle!”.

Custom protection training in pairs + more

Interested in owning multiple German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois dogs for home protection? This video shows how we train our dogs to respond and target cooperatively—working as one to give home invaders knockout one-two punch.

We can train your puppy for protection

Are you interested in raising a puppy for protection? Raising a guard dog is one thing, but raising a loving family protector is something else. Our protection puppy training will guide your new dog through socialization, bite foundations, family integration and functional protection.

Meet your trained protection dog

When you select one of our dogs, we deliver him fully trained and ready for a smooth transition. In August 2012, we delivered Klaus, a two-year-old German Shepherd Guardian, to his new home in Texas. Here you can see us integrating this Guardian into his new family, including another dog.

Off-leash training to last a lifetime

In the video above, Gene takes his dog Sulling around Boston Common with no need for a leash. Khaled trained Sulling years before this video was filmed, but his training is still as sharp as ever. That’s because we don’t just teach your dog how to behave, we teach you how to fully use and maintain the training every day.

Your best protection dog in any scenario

We don’t teach protection as a sport, and we don’t stop in the training room. Take a look at some of the realistic scenarios we use in our personal protection dog training so your dog is ready for anything, including home intruders or public threats.

Trick Training by First Choice Canine

Our Guardian Plus level personal protection dogs for sale feature unbelievable trick training powered by our sister company, First Choice Canine. See this video of Eteo, a Belgian Malinois trained for both personal protection, showing off a trick in Newburyport, MA!

Full Support Before + After Purchase

Aspen is a Guardian Plus level German Shepherd protection dog that we delivered to a family in Oklahoma. In this video, his owner talks about what the purchase, delivery and follow-up processes were like for him and his family.

We make buying a protection dog fun

Our training is tailored to your lifestyle, and we teach you how to work with your personal protection dog at your own pace- you don’t need to be a dog trainer. It’s easy to see why these are the best dogs to protect children. See Hans take action to the keep the mother and children of his new family safe.

Eteo’s Hardest Hits

Here’s to the best friend, mascot, and security system that a family business could ask for. Eteo’s been with us since the start, and he’s never backed down from a new challenge–or failed to leave our trainers battered and bruised! Think Neil Armstrong meets Floyd Mayweather.

Isa and Sniper Protect Together

In this video Isa, a female Belgian Malinois, and Sniper, a male German Shepherd learn to work as a team. It is imperative that protection dogs living in pairs are properly trained together in order to prevent any confusion or redirection of aggression towards each other.

See Our Advanced Protection Exercises

In this video, Ursula, a female Belgian Malinois demonstrates some of our advanced protection exercises.

Stay tuned: We have more protection trained dog videos on the way.

Check back often to see what’s new. We’ll keep adding videos that show how our unique training techniques are so effective at producing results, we can offer dog obedience training to any breed pet through our sister company, First Choice Canine. Services include aggressive dog rehabilitation, behavior modification and more. You can find more videos of dogs we’ve trained at

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