Protection dog training that's best in class.

PLUS, training options that fit your needs.

Training Levels

Dogs vary as much in physical capability as they do in personality. When we import a dog, we identify their strengths and put them in a training program that fits them.

You can see the different programs and the exercises involved in the chart below. Import dogs are trained for basic obedience, while Protector dogs come with our complete obedience package and basic protection. Guardian and Guardian Plus dogs have the most advanced protection training, with the ability to handle much more complicated scenarios.

If you already have a protection-capable dog that needs training, we can evaluate your dog to see if he or she meets our qualifications for training.

Training Level Comparison

Guardian $40,000+
Guardian Plus
Basic Obedience
Walk Off-Leash
Off Leash Obedience
Sit Stay
Down Stay
Heel (Left and Right)
Come (Recall)
Relaxed Heel
Retrieve Object
Release Object
Down In Motion
Additional Obedience
Under On Request
In Between
Back Up On Request
House Manners
Jump (Up) On Command
Pace Bed/Stay
Food Refusal On Request  On Request
Car Manners
Stay In Place/Seat
Basic Protection
Turn On Aggressively
Turn Off
Attack On Command
Release Bite
Target Different Parts of Body
Advanced Protection
Protect Home / Secure Perimeter from Intruder
Protect Car / Secure Car from Intruder
Search Home and Area (Find Intruder and Attack)
Target Different Parts of Body
Fighting Skills
Turn On Passive Threat
360 Secure
Guarded Escape
Multiple Attackers
Stealth Mode
Escort On Request
Child Protection Command On Request
Recall from Being Sent
Guard Specific Area


Protection Dogs Plus is capable of training for a wide variety of tricks. Depending on the natural abilities of the dog, you can request that tricks are taught a la carte for an additional price.

Examples of what you can request are:
Spin, Roll Over, Beg, Bow, Stand, Walk Backwards, Weave Between Legs, Fetch a Beer


  • The best protection dog for your family, fully trained at the level indicated.
  • Owner handling training and introduction.
  • All written warranties.
Delivery costs, such as shipping the dog and transportation/hotel costs for our delivery trainers, are additional.
Other Training

We can custom import a protection dog or puppy and train it to your specifications.

Below is a guide to our protection dog training prices. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our programs.


If you already purchased a dog for protection, but want to take advantage of our advanced protection dog training, we can evaluate your dog to determine which, if any, of our protection programs they’ll be able to complete.

The cost of this evaluation: $500.

This pricing includes local or airport pickup of your dog and thorough testing at our training center. If your dog is able to move forward with the training, we’ll credit the evaluation fee toward your dog’s training.


When we deliver your personal protection dog, we’ll show you exactly how to use and maintain your dog’s training. Reinforcing your dog’s training with our techniques becomes an easy part of your routine. If you don’t have time to keep up with your dog’s training, don’t worry. We offer customized maintenance training, which is the perfect way to improve your handling and sharpen your dog’s skills.

If you are local to our facility, and can transport your dog to us, we can set up a one hour evaluation for the cost of $150.

Daily rate for maintenance training: $1,500 (one full day of training)

One year of maintenance: $2,800 (one full 8 hour day of training every six months)

Two years of maintenance: $5,200 (includes one week of board & train maintenance to be used any time within 2 years, plus one full 10 hour day every six months)

Three years of maintenance: $7,500 (includes three weeks of board & train maintenance to be used any time within 3 years, plus one full 10 hour day every six months)

*Board & train time can be used all at once or in segments. Full training days can be combined for a bonus day (travel time saved can be used toward training).

*Travel expenses (airfare, hotel, car rentals, transport of dog, etc.) are not included unless otherwise specified.

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