Guardian Plus

    German Shepherd Protection Dog – SOLD

    Sniper is a stunning black male German Shepherd who captures attention everywhere he goes. His social nature and exceptional manners win over everyone he meets. In every day life Sniper can be calm and well-mannered in the house. He is easy to handle and is happy to lie back and watch you work or sit with you while watching TV. He travels well and would be happy to ride along in the car, go to your favorite shopping spot, or just go for a walk. Sniper was raised with children and adores them. Although he may appear serious he loves his family, and those that are welcomed by his family. Watching him in protection will erase all of your fears to make you feel safe whether it’s at home, in the car, or out and about. He takes protecting his family seriously and has no tolerance for anyone with bad intentions. He has extreme drive and zeroes in on his target with laser like focus. Although he has a large frame, he is athletic and propels himself like a fur missile locked on a target. He is precise, fast, and devastating in protection. He is truly impressive to watch while working. Sniper would make a great addition for anyone wanting the ultimate companion and seeking the highest level of protection.

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