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Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You

Fill out Our Client Questionnaire. This will help us begin to understand what your lifestyle is like and what you are looking for.
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Step 01
Set up a Phone call

Set up a Phone call

Here we’ll get to know each other and you will get to know us and our dogs. We get to know more about you, and narrow down the dogs that might be a good fit for you.
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Step 02
Visit the Facility<br>& Meet the Dog

Visit the Facility
& Meet the Dog

Come see what we're all about and have a chance to see our dogs before finalizing your decision. For those unable to travel to us, we are happy to provide videos.
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Have Questions About Finding Your Best Protection Dog?

Get answers about our personal protection dog training approach.

Discover why our approach truly delivers a Plus for your family. Choosing your best protection dog is a big decision. That’s why we work hard to provide clear and thorough communications throughout the entire process of selecting one of our protection dogs for sale.

Start here to find answers to questions most of our customers had when they started working with us. If you don’t find the information you need, contact us for a personal consultation.

Protection dogs sitting in the grass with the front paws in the air
Why don’t I buy my own puppy? Don’t dogs protect their owners?

Many people think that if they buy a German Shepherd puppy — or another breed known for protection work — that their dog will grow up to protect them. Other people think they’re safe just because their dog barks at the front door.

While some dogs may seem to have a natural ability to protect, they don’t have the skills, drive and training required for personal protection. Don’t take our word for it; investigations have shown that untrained pets will not stop home invasions.

Our dogs are specifically trained when to bite and when not to. It’s not up to them. Our dogs are well controlled, they are not aggressive dogs that attack whenever they deem necessary. Our dogs wait for your command, and they have been trained for realistic scenarios and how to handle them.

Why would I buy a dog from Protection Dogs Plus instead of another company?

Anyone searching the Internet can find hundreds of companies selling protection dogs. But don’t be fooled: most of these companies are really selling you an over-priced import or sport dog that has not had functional protection training.

There is no regulation on the sale of protection dogs, which is why it is of the utmost importance that you do your research. Protection Dogs Plus knows what it takes to go above and beyond, and our mission is to deliver the finest personal protection dogs with the most advanced training available anywhere.

Will my new dog be okay with my children, other dogs, and pets?

Yes! Part of our matching process ensures that your dog will be OK with everyone in your household. Our personal protection dogs are raised in homes around children and conditioned to be loving and tolerant. We socialize and train our dogs not only with other dogs of all sizes, but also with other animals including birds, horses, and rabbits (upon request).

How do I go about purchasing a dog from you?

If you would like to purchase one of our protection-trained dogs for sale, please fill out our questionnaire and expect to hear back from us soon. Once we come to an agreement on what dog is right for you, and you decide to purchase a dog, we will send you a contract stating the terms of our agreement.

We invite you to call us or email us if you need a recommendation or a question answered. Filling out our questionnaire will give us a better understanding of you and your needs so we can select the right dog for you.

How long does it take to train a dog?

Training a dog for reliable protection does not happen in a few weeks or even a few months. Once we purchase a dog, depending on the dog and the level of training, it takes months of training to become a reliable protector.

Our dogs begin their training as puppies. They’re exposed to different floors, sounds, and environments to ensure they grow up having a solid nervous system. Plus they need drive-building exercises. Drive is what motivates a dog to learn and what makes them capable of learning protection work. The dogs we buy have sometimes already had sport training in between their puppy and adult stages, but we don’t rely on this type of sport training for functional canine protection. When we take a new dog into our program, we start over from the beginning to make sure the training is built on a strong foundation.

How will the dog listen to me if I have not had them since they were a puppy?

Between our matching process, training techniques, and handler training, we are able to have our dogs responding to a new handler in a short period of time. Once we have worked with you, your dog will be taking commands from you and following them.

How long does it take for my new dog to bond with me?

During your dog’s delivery, you’ll start to see your new dog form a bond with you.

How do you bond with your dog? Start with simple daily routines. Feeding your dog, taking your dog to the bathroom, walking your dog, and playing with them are all ways to get your dog to know you and begin to associate you as their caretaker.

In addition to basic care, during the delivery we show you how to handle and work with your new dog. You’ll discover that your dog loves what he or she does. From obedience commands to protection commands, your dog will be thrilled to work for you. Handling your new dog and working with him or her will also strengthen the bond while learning to accept you as the new handler.

What happens if I don't feel that the dog I received is right for me?

With the help of our years of experience in matching clients with their ideal dogs, you can expect to be very pleased with your new dog. However, should you find yourself wanting a different dog, whether it’s because of the dog’s personality or training level, you may exchange the dog for one of our other protection dogs for sale within six months of the delivery. You pay only the costs associated with shipping and delivering the dog, and any difference in the price of the original dog and a new dog you select.

How do I maintain my dog's training?

During the delivery, we’ll show you how to handle and work with your new dog. You’ll have the same level of control with your dog that our trainers do. We’ll also pass along our training techniques and principles so you can keep your dog’s training sharp in the comfort of your own home.

Should you feel you need a follow-up session or maintenance training, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

How would my dog respond to my friends coming over?

That’s entirely up to you. Some people choose to have their dog react to anyone at the door, while others prefer their dog to be accepting to all who enter unless told otherwise. Once you communicate to your dog that it’s OK, your dog will gladly accept your friend into your home.

Are your dogs aggressive?

No. Many people think of a protection dog as “vicious” or “aggressive” when in reality the dogs we sell are just really good at their job: responding to your commands. They’re actually very social by nature unless otherwise instructed. A properly trained personal protection dog not only has great control but is also less likely to be aggressive or bite someone than a dog not trained for personal protection.

Why is this? Because we only train personal protection dogs that excel in temperament, tolerance and obedience. This means they are not reactive or fearful and have been taught proper control.

Where do your dogs come from?
Our dogs are imported from Europe, primarily out of France, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. We have traveled through Europe to form relationships with top breeders and so that we can select the best German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois possible.
Can I change my dog's name?

Yes, you can change your dog’s name. Dogs learn their name through association, and therefore in just a couple of weeks, your dog can respond to his or her new name.

What is the difference between a personal protection dog from Protection Dogs Plus and a Schutzhund/French Ring dog?

At Protection Dogs Plus, we define a protection dog as a highly trained companion, with the most advanced training both in obedience as well as protection.

Many sport dogs are great at what they do, which is to play a sport. A sport is a game, and while it is fun practice, it does not ready a dog for functional protection work.

Protection Dogs Plus takes it a step further. Our dogs are ready to perform at any time, in any situation, without the use of any equipment or stimulation.

Schutzhund and French Ring dogs are exposed to the same training scenarios over and over: a guy in a suit or a guy with a sleeve walking in a peculiar manner to stimulate the dog. It’s the same routine every time, and practice makes perfect. But take away the sleeve, or take the dog off the field and put them in a home environment, and they will not perform the same way. They won’t provide reliable protection in a home setting and under various threatening situations.

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