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In this video, our clients talk about their experience with Protection Dogs Plus; from the sale to delivery and follow up of their dog Dargo.

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Client Reviews

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Beth Ginty
Beth Ginty
August 5, 2022
Spoke with a gentleman, helped so much ,, Thank You
Jessica Beeson
Jessica Beeson
April 25, 2022
Protection dogs plus is life changing they trained and sold us our first dog - who is a true member of our family ! We have the most gentle loving sweet dog who loves our young children but also has protected us with her life in dangerous situations. She naturally fierce and protective while nurturing. Protection dogs constantly helps us and checks in with us and helps us with what we need to be successful dog owners. They truly care and help us. I will always buy dogs here and have even gotten my neighbors to get dogs here !
Tanya Minichino
Tanya Minichino
March 6, 2020
This is the best place to bring your dogs!! Everyone is caring, consistent, encouraging, and they truly love dogs. As far as the guy is pristine!! I constantly get compliments on how amazing his behavior is, and what a great temperament he has; all thanks to these guys.
Peter Curro
Peter Curro
February 24, 2020
After talking with the owner. I understand the work involved with the training.
Ashley Guerrier
Ashley Guerrier
June 17, 2019
Protection Dogs Plus sold us our first protection dog. My husband travels often, and we were interested in a dog that would protect me while I’m home alone, hiking alone, or any other situations. We have been very pleased with the process, along with the remarkable ability and knowledge of the dog we purchased. We are lucky to live in New Hampshire where they are located, which is how we found them. We started attending dog training classes there with our other dog, and after seeing how well trained their dogs are we knew we wanted to purchase from them. The experience of purchasing Arien went smoothly from the day we brought him home to the excellent follow up to ensure all was well. They worked with us and made sure Arien was a good fit for our home. Arien fits into our home perfectly, and gets along great with our other dog. Any time we take him somewhere we are complimented on both his looks and how well trained he is. We have not needed to use his protection in a live scenario yet, but having seen him in action during training is incredible. We have no doubts that if needed to protect us, he would not disappoint. We highly recommend Protection Dogs Plus.

We are beyond thrilled with Axel! He adapted to our family with confidence and ease. He joins in our activities with enthusiasm, incredible obedience and self control. Everyday is a joy as he surprises us with his abilities, agility, his gentleness, sweetness and devotion to us. I am amazed by Axel’s intelligence and his understanding of commands in addition to carrying them out to perfection. When playing ball (which he loves) he is intense, eager, coordinated and great fun for us. He listens attentively and delivers the commands with accuracy. How does this happen? Khaled Behisy is exceptional. He knows how to pick extraordinary dogs and is a superb teacher both to the dogs and their owners. We are extremely impressed with Khaled’s skills and character. We were very impressed with Khaled’s professionalism, his confidence, knowledge and his calm patient demeanor in dealing with Axel and with us during the training period. Anyone who cares to hear more is invited to call me. I cannot say enough great things about Khaled and Axel. Khaled told us after our first phone call that Axel would be a good match for us. He was spot on right. He has also been attentive and patient with me (helping me over the phone) during our adaptation period. We are deeply grateful for this wonderful dog.

Protection dog lying in the grass

Nancy C.

North Carolina

I guess the first thing I’d say is that the integration part was more in-depth than I figured it was going to be. We did a lot of research and looking into protection dogs. I made a ton of phone calls, I talked to many, many different companies. And through my research—from almost each different person I talked to I’d pick out little pieces of what was important. For example, it was important to have a dog that was acclimated to family, who wasn’t just a kennel dog but had actually been in a home- been with a family. We could have the best protection dog in the world, but if he’s not able to function within the family, it doesn’t serve any purpose. The obedience- of being able to see dogs working off-leash as opposed to on-leash all the time was very important to us. I wanted to be able to have peace of mind when I’m not here with my family. I wanted to be able to have a dog that could stay home with my wife and with my kids when I wasn’t there, and really just give me that- I guess peace of mind is the best word- that when I’m not there somebody is there to help protect the family. We were able to practice all of the commands, and with each individual member of the family, and by the end of the first day we were actually doing protection work. We had gone through his commands, and by taking it with each individual family member at their own pace, each individual member of the family was able to feel comfortable. Another piece of information was to have dogs that didn’t attack just sleeves, but that actually attacked hidden sleeves- that actually did more functional work. It became very clear that this was the only website—this was the only business—that we were going to get a dog from.

Jason Bailey


Man wearing a purple sweater

Warso is doing GREAT! He is a supermodel! He ran 3.2 miles (29 mins) with me this morning. It’s amazing how many people stop to talk. Loving him!

A woman and her protection dog posing next to a boat

Stephanie J.


We were looking for a dog that was 100% kid friendly. We needed a dog that was already housebroken and trained in obedience. We found so much more than that. I wanted to be able to have peace of mind when I’m not here with my family. I wanted to be able to have a dog that could stay home with my wife and with my kids when I wasn’t there, and really just give me that- I guess peace of mind is the best word- that when I’m not there somebody is there to help protect the family. Not only did Aspen meet our expectations, he exceeded them in every way. Aspen’s obedience is flawless and his protection work is superior. We are so happy with Aspen and our decision to trust Protection Dogs Plus with placing him with us.

Josh D.


Protection dog sitting in the grass with a family

The drop-off process was really much more comprehensive than I thought it would be. So it started very basic, very simple, so everyone could understand, and it progressed it a logical manner. And it was fun, and so it took all of the fear and all of the anxiety out of the situation. I did a lot of research; looked around on the Internet, watched a ton of videos, and what I was most struck with by the Protection Dogs Plus model was that these dogs were very protective and very strong and yet at the same time could be integrated into the family–were friendly and lovable, and could be treated as pets.

So our Protection Dogs Plus experience was a little bit different in that we had a previous experience which was very bad with a previous local company and so I knew that I needed to get it right the second time. The first experience was really unfortunate in that it used older training methods and we ultimately had to return our dog because he would growl at family members and couldn’t be petted or handled like a normal pet on the street, and so it was very important to me that number one there were no liability issues–that I knew my dog wasn’t going to bite someone, and also that my family was safe. So I was looking for a balance between a dog that was strong enough to protect my family, but friendly and easygoing so that he could be a pet as well.

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Steven Knope, MD