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Why Protection Dogs Plus

Our Protection Dogs Are Far From Typical

Discover the PLUS for your family.

Why Protection Dogs Plus

This is our Pledge to you, and the PLUS for your family:

We take the time to go above and beyond training, treating each dog as one of our own. We make sure your dog will be your best companion and functional and reliable in everyday situations, even when protection isn’t needed. We take the time to strategize the best approach for each dog’s abilities and personality. We believe that the key to healthy, successful training is consistency along with custom-tailored adjustments for each dog and owner.

Your protection dog, trained by our highly experienced trainers, will provide you and your family with more enjoyment than your pets in the past.

We are a family owned and operated business, and we see to it personally that each and every dog is ready for family life. Our dogs are trained in home, and handled by women and children to ensure a smooth transition to your home.

Our matching process is designed to make sure your new companion blends into your lifestyle. If we feel we do not have the right dog for you, we will work hard to find a dog that is a good fit. While we have several dogs for sale at any time, we are always happy to customize a dog and it’s training for our clientele.

We are a real protection dog company. We own our own facility and all of our dogs are here with us, engaged in daily training. Unlike many in our field, we mean what we say; we don’t use aliases, change our business name, offer dogs still in Europe that we have never met, or use a fake address to claim we do business at a location. Always make sure to do your research on who you are buying from, anyone can look good on the internet!

Our 23 years of experience, and 12 years in business counts; we are here to stay and offer lifetime support for our clients long after the sale. You do not want to buy a dog from a company that disappears after you take delivery of your new dog.

Our Dogs Must Pass the “Bark Exam”

Before selecting a dog, we evaluate them with a series of tests.

First, the dogs are tested for their temperament and evaluated for aggression or any temperament issues. The dogs are touched on their tails, bellies and paws to make sure they’re not reactive. They’re taken to different environments to see how they react to their surroundings, other people, children, dogs, other animals.

Next, the dogs are tested for their workability. While many of the dogs we purchase have little training for real-life protection, we know how to look for each dog’s abilities and potential.

Does this dog have what it takes to be trained for real-life protection? Is this the dog that is going to protect and go the distance?

Here is another PLUS: We won’t put our name behind a dog that we don’t feel is 100% capable of being a functional protection dog.

Protection dogs leaning with their front paws on a tree
We promise that your dog will not only be a joy to own, but will also prevent dangerous incidents from happening to your family, and may even save a life.
We will work with you and your family, ensuring that you have the ability to keep your dog obedient and protective, listening and responding exactly as they do with our trainers.
Our unique training, and advanced exercises that our dogs are taught, ensure the highest level of protection for you and what matters most to you.

Our Guarantee

If after the delivery, for any reason, you decide that you would prefer a different dog, you may exchange your dog for one of our other dogs regardless of gender or breed. If you decide you would prefer a dog trained in a higher program, you pay only for the difference in training. You will only be responsible for any shipping and additional delivery costs.

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