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There's a reason people trust Personal Protection Dogs

Dogs with specialized protection training are your home’s best defense. It’s easy to find a guard dog that looks fierce in the training room. But here’s the PLUS you get with our trained dogs.

Trained & Tested

Your Loving Companion

We train and socialize each carefully selected personal protection dog to be a happy, obedient companion. Our protection dogs offer the best of both worlds; you get to have a well-trained, loving companion to be a part of your family, while also having real protection for you and your family.

The training our dogs receive holds up long after you take delivery. You might expect the dog’s response to be sloppy because they’ve been living a quiet life at home. However, testing has shown the exact opposite: The seriousness and tenacity of our trained dogs only improves with time.


Because our training regimen is thorough, each command becomes second nature to your dog for a lifetime of responsiveness.


In totally new situations, even surrounded by distractions, your dog will instantaneously display aggression to a threat and can be sent from a distance.


Your dog will excel in high-pressure situations that cause most other dogs to back down.

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You can be confident in all real-life situations.

While our training process does start with dogs biting a traditional sleeve, this is only the very beginning of our training. It’s not long before our dogs are expected to bite on command when there’s no equipment visible and without any stimulation from the threat. The purpose of this extensive training is to guarantee that your dog will handle an intruder in your home just as effectively as if the threat appears in an alley or parking lot.

You can’t control whether or not you’ll find yourself in danger. You can control whether or not you’ll be prepared with a personal protection dog by your side.

We passionately believe that a well-trained dog is the best home and family protection option available. Your dog’s lightning fast response time and boldness will turn a panic situation around on the attacker. Every other moment of the day, you get to enjoy a healthy, gorgeous and loving dog with flawless obedience training.

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