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Training Levels

Dogs vary as much in physical capability as they do in personality. When we import a dog, we identify their strengths and put them in a training program that fits them.

You can see the different programs and the exercises involved in the chart below. Import dogs are trained for basic obedience, while Protector dogs come with our complete obedience package and basic protection. Guardian and Guardian Plus dogs have the most advanced protection training, with the ability to handle much more complicated scenarios.

If you already have a protection-capable dog that needs training, we can evaluate your dog to see if he or she meets our qualifications for training.

Training Level Comparison

Guardian $40,000+
Guardian Plus $65,000+
Basic Obedience

Sit, Down, Walk Off-Leash

Off Leash Obedience
  • Sit Stay
  • Down Stay
  • Heel (Left and Right)
  • Come (Recall)
  • Relaxed Heel
  • Retrieve Object
  • Release Object
  • Speak
  • Down In Motion
Additional Obedience
  • Stand
  • In Between
  • Under
  • Back Up
On Request
House Manners
  • Jump (Up) On Command
  • Pace Bed/Stay
  • Wait
  • Food Refusal
On Request
On Request
Car Manners
  • Wait
  • In/Out
  • Stay In Place/Seat
Basic Protection
  • Turn On Aggressively
  • Turn Off
  • Attack On Command
  • Release Bite
  • Target Different Parts of Body
Advanced Protection
  • Protect Home / Secure Perimeter from Intruder
  • Protect Car / Secure Car from Intruder
  • Search Home and Area (Find Intruder and Attack)
  • Target Different Parts of Body
  • Turn On Passive Threat
Advanced Protection
  • 360 Secure
  • Guarded Escape
  • Multiple Attackers
  • Stealth Mode
  • Focus
  • Recall from Being Sent
  • Guard Specific Area
  • Escort
  • Child Protection Command
On Request

Protection Dogs Plus


Protection Dogs Plus is capable of training for a wide variety of tricks. Depending on the natural abilities of the dog, you can request that tricks are taught a la carte for an additional price.

Examples of what you can request are:

Prices For Our Dogs Include

The best protection dog for your family, fully trained at the level indicated.

Owner handling training and introduction.

All written warranties

Delivery costs, such as shipping the dog and transportation/hotel costs for our delivery trainers, are additional.