Guardian Plus

Meet Jaso!

PRICE: $65,000

BREED: German Shepherd

COLOR: Black


Introducing Jaso, a young black male German Shepherd male with an affectionate and charismatic personality.

Jaso is  highly intelligent and eager-to-please; he thrives on learning and following commands. His strong desire to make his handler happy and his inherent drive to excel enable him to quickly grasp obedience training and respond with enthusiasm and precision. With Jaso by your side, you’ll have a devoted companion who is always ready to impress with his obedience and willingness to please.

In every day life Jaso is social and when it comes to children, Jaso’s gentle and patient nature truly shines. He also gets along well with other dogs.

In terms of protection, Jaso excels at providing a sense of security. His natural protective instincts are coupled with a solid foundation of training, allowing him to assess and respond to potential threats effectively. Whether it’s being vigilant during walks or keeping a watchful eye over your home, Jaso’s protective nature will provide peace of mind.