Meet Shana-Sold!

PRICE: Call for Pricing

BREED: Belgian Malinois

COLOR: Black/Brown

BIRTHDAY: 05/16/2021

Introducing Shana, an exquisite female Belgian Malinois, a true standout in both appearance and temperament. With a strikingly elegant head, perfectly shaped ears, and a body adorned with rich, dark pigment, she captivates all who meet her. Despite her petite stature, her heart is boundless. 

She effortlessly charms everyone she meets with her sociable nature, readily engaging with people of all ages, including children. Her calm and gentle nature makes her a cherished presence in any family setting. She rides well in the car and is happy to accompany you wherever you may go whether it be hanging out in the office, watching tv, or going for walks or hikes, she is happy to be by your side and thrives on companionship. 

For those seeking a canine companion to share life’s every moment, she is the perfect match. With her unwavering loyalty and affable demeanor, she is poised to become an integral part of your family’s adventures and cherished memories.

Please note that Shana is available exclusively to approved homes only. We are committed to ensuring she finds the perfect environment where her unique qualities can flourish and be appreciated to the fullest.