Guardian Plus

Meet Ursula!

PRICE: $65,000

BREED: Belgian Malinois


Ursula is an athletic female Belgian Malinois superstar who has been well socialized with children and other dogs both big and small. She is a joy to be around and there is nothing she cannot excel at. She loves her family and forms a deep bond with them. She is flashy in obedience and learns quickly. She is agile, fast, and impressive despite her smaller frame. In protection, she lights up quickly with a powerful bark and extreme tenacity. She loves being a part of daily activities and loves to play. She is an exceptional female protection dog and has the perfect temperament for an active family with children or for someone on the go. For our clients concerned with dogs in warmer environments she would be a good fit due to her size, conditioning and short coat.


Ursula is now serving as a family protection dog in New Hampshire.

In this video, Ursula, a female Belgian Malinois demonstrates some of our advanced protection exercises.