The Perfect Fit for Apartment Life

Protection dog lying in a bed next to its owner

You might not think that a protection K9 would be a good fit for life in an apartment or condo. These buildings can be on the smaller side, after all, and most complexes are heavily trafficked by people and other dogs. Some landlords seem like they’re just waiting for a chance to hand their tenants a leash violation. So are you asking for trouble by bringing a dog into your rental for security? If your building allows dogs and your companion has the right training, absolutely not! The size of your home, apartment, or condo isn’t important because your protection dog will be selected and adjusted to fit your lifestyle.

While clients in the countryside often request that their dogs alert them whenever someone is at the door, this would cause many false alarms in a building with narrow corridors and thin walls. In this environment, custom trained personal protection dogs will easily top guard dogs that don’t have the same advanced training or control. Your dog will only bark on command. When you’re in common areas you won’t have to worry about unpredictable behavior around other tenants, their children or their dogs. When you’re in your room, you can feel prepared for a forced entry situation, and you’ll be able to enjoy the loving company of the most hassle-free apartment dog possible.

During the matching process, we’ll find a German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois that will not just fulfill your protection needs, but match your energy level as well. There is a misconception that a working line dog will be hectic and high energy in a smaller space, but our dogs offer energy on demand. Even though they are fast and powerful in dangerous situations, they move with grace and care around the apartment.

Each of our dogs are trained thoroughly in off-leash obedience, so you won’t be pulled down the stairs and your neighbors will see that you have a friendly dog with perfect manners. The usefulness of off-leash exercises extends to your own living spaces, too. The “place” command will keep your dog exactly where you want him or her, which is great when you’re cleaning up or when you have company coming over. Your dog will stay off the furniture and away from unattended food. Our training is designed to put your mind at ease, from worry-free daily life to knowing that you’re secure at home.

Do you want to find out how our training can be personalized for your apartment or condo? Send us a message to tell us what your needs are.

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