Warso Goes to Tennessee

Warso is getting star treatment at his new home in Tennessee!

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of delivering Warso, a German Shepherd we imported from Germany and trained as a home protection dog, to his new family in Tennessee. While the thought of traveling to new places for deliveries may seem daunting, to us it’s one of the best parts of the job. We have spent countless hours with each dog training them in protection and obedience, so naturally we become very attached to them. With deliveries, we are able to transfer this bond to a new family. Dogs like Warso are more than the best protection available to a home, they quickly become best friends with their new families. Our clients take their dogs to work with them on a daily basis. They visit family and friends and go on vacations and outings. It’s easy to bring these dogs anywhere because you know they’ll listen to your ever command and get along with everyone they meet. Even though we know we’ll miss each dog we deliver, we also know that our dogs are going to have a

So what exactly happens during a delivery? While our delivery is explained as the phase where we personally deliver your new dog to your home and show you their training and how to handle them, that only begins to describe what we really do. Our goal during the delivery phase is to make sure that by the time we leave you have the same level of control with your dog that we do as their trainers. With the extensive training and various handlers our dogs have had, adjusting to someone new is no problem. Our dogs arrive fully trained and we’ve already done extensive customized training for individual situations. The actual focus of the delivery is more on training our clients. We show them how their dog responds, and we cover every area— including basic care, obedience and protection commands. We visit family and friends, second homes, workplaces and anywhere a client plans to bring their dog. We acclimate them to car rides and living with any other pets you might have.

Our clients all have unique situations and we’re happy to tailor the delivery to them. If you want friends and family members to be able to handle your dog, we’ll show them the training principles during the delivery. We’ll practice obedience commands and simulate protection scenarios, including break-ins, assaults and carjackings. We even have clients who ask us to unexpectedly “break in” to their homes just to test out their dogs. By the time we leave, you and your dog will be ready to handle any situation you might come across. Most importantly, you’ll be able to maintain the training and apply our techniques to new situations.

Once our dogs have started to bond with their new families, they have a new life ahead of them and are eager to please. We’re always available for our clients after the delivery. We don’t see the delivery phase as the end of the process. Instead, we keep in touch with our clients long after delivery to see how everything is going. Our clients become part of our family and we receive pictures, videos, holiday cards and other updates. For us, there is no better feeling than delivery a well-trained companion who will become part of the family.

Update from Warso’s owner:

Warso is doing GREAT! He is a supermodel! He ran 3.2 miles (29 mins) with me this morning. It’s amazing how many people stop to talk. We couldn’t be happier with Warso! I doubt you’ve had a better match of the right dog/family! Loving him!