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German Shepherd DogSOLD

Update: Axel is now residing in North Carolina.

  • We are beyond thrilled with Axel! He adapted to our family with confidence and ease. He joins in our activities with enthusiasm, incredible obedience and self control. Everyday is a joy as he surprises us with his abilities, agility, his gentleness, sweetness and devotion to us. I am amazed by Axel’s intelligence and his understanding of commands in addition to carrying them out to perfection. When playing ball (which he loves) he is intense, eager, coordinated and great fun for us. He listens attentively and delivers the commands with accuracy. How does this happen? Khaled Behisy is exceptional. He knows how to pick extraordinary dogs and is a superb teacher both to the dogs and their owners. We are extremely impressed with Khaled’s skills and character. We were very impressed with Khaled’s professionalism, his confidence, knowledge and his calm patient demeanor in dealing with Axel and with us during the training period. Anyone who cares to hear more is invited to call me. I cannot say enough great things about Khaled and Axel. Khaled told us after our first phone call that Axel would be a good match for us. He was spot on right. He has also been attentive and patient with me (helping me over the phone) during our adaptation period. We are deeply grateful for this wonderful dog.

    Nancy C. — North Carolina
    Nancy C. — North Carolina
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