Guardian Plus

    German Shepherd Protection Dog – $50,000

    Hendrix is a 1.5 year old sable male German Shepherd. Hendrix is large in size and powerful yet easy going in every day life. He is relaxed everywhere and well mannered. He is friendly with people, children, and other dogs and travels easily. Hendrix is an amazing dog and a real pleasure to spend time with. He has a big heart and seems to know exactly how to win anyone over. He is easy to handle and an ideal candidate for women, families, and children. He loves to play with or greet children and is very gentle with them. He is eager to please whether in obedience or protection and easy to take along anywhere you go. In protection, he has good intensity and a strong bite, as well as a good bark. Hendrix will make an excellent companion and protector for busy families, travelers, and families with small children or other pets.

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