Guardian Plus

    Dutch Shepherd Protection Dog – $65,000

    Ruby is a beautiful female Dutch Shepherd with a solid build and beautiful brindle color. She comes from some of the most impressive lineage in Europe and has had extensive health testing and training. Ruby has a sweet personality and loves children and people alike. She is a dog that is highly motivated to please and always ready to impress with her speed, athleticism and focus. In protection she makes sure her bark is heard and intensity seen. She delivers a quick and powerful attack and makes the perfect choice for someone looking for a sleek low profile dog to take along while still having the highest level of protection. Ruby is easy to handle in everyday life and incredibly agile. She loves to swim, walk, fetch, run, and watch tv. Ruby goes above and beyond your average everyday protection dog and is truly one of a kind! Some of Ruby’s training includes our child protection command, where she can be sent to your child’s side. She makes the perfect child companion dog as she is gently and sweet, yet takes her job seriously.

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