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This is our Pledge to you, and the PLUS for your family: We take the time to go above and beyond training, treating each dog as one of our own. We make sure your dog will be your best companion and functional in everyday situations, even when protection isn’t needed. We take the time to strategize the best approach for each dog’s abilities and personality. We believe that the key to healthy, successful training is consistency along with custom-tailored adjustments for each dog.

Our training is designed to build each dog up; we want a happy confident dog, not an oppressed dog that has been trained too hard.

We promise that your dog will not only be a joy to own, but will also prevent dangerous incidents from happening to your family, and may even save a life.

We will work with you and your family, ensuring that you have the ability to keep your dog obedient and protective, listening and responding exactly as they do with our trainers.


Your protection dog, trained by our highly experienced trainers, will provide you and your family with more enjoyment than your pets in the past.


A dog that has lived its whole life in a kennel is not prepared for the routine of a home. Certainly, companies promising to sell you a dog that will provide protection are widely available and easy to find. At Protection Dogs Plus, we take realistic protection dog training to the next level. Throughout the process, we put an equal amount of focus and attention on the dog’s everyday behavior and obedience. This includes immersive training in our own homes.

This means that your dog is house-trained and extremely well behaved. There will be no jumping, chewing, going to the bathroom in the house, climbing on furniture or rushing out the door. Dogs who have lived their life in a kennel will treat your home like a kennel. With dogs raised by Protection Dogs Plus, you can expect an easy transition for your family.



Before selecting a dog, we evaluate them with a series of tests.

First, the dogs are tested for their temperament and evaluated for aggression issues. The dogs are touched on their tails, bellies and paws to make sure they’re not reactive. They’re taken to different environments to see how they react to their surroundings, other people, children, other dogs and surfaces.

Next, the dogs are tested for their workability. While many of the dogs we purchase have little training for real-life protection, we know how to look for each dog’s abilities and potential.

Does this dog have what it takes to be trained for real-life protection? Is this the dog that is going to protect and go the distance?

Here is another PLUS: We won’t put our name behind a dog that we don’t feel is 100% capable of being a functional protection dog.


While offering the best in protection, our dogs are functional for everyday life. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our dogs, plus a written health guarantee. 

If after the delivery you decide that you would prefer a different dog, you may exchange your dog for one of our other dogs regardless of gender or breed. If you decide you would prefer a dog trained in a higher program, you pay only for the difference in training. You will only be responsible for any shipping and additional delivery costs.

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