Personal Protection Dogs are Perfect Companions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE

Here are 3 personal protection dogs we delivered to clients in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Breathtaking construction projects have turned Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE into major tourist destinations.

The upscale resorts and attractions of the UAE draw visitors of substantial means, and there is a high concentration of wealth among the area’s locals. A high profile necessitates having the best security possible, and Protection Dogs Plus is delivering several more protection dogs to the UAE in the coming months.

At Protection Dogs Plus, we’re familiar with the process of training and exporting dogs to the United Arab Emirates. We give our personal protection dogs a very strong command of off-leash obedience so that travelers and residents can feel comfortable keeping a guardian by their side at all times. Features of our Guardian Plus protection dogs make this training level ideal for defending against street crime. Our Guardian Plus level German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are trained with the ability to handle multiple attackers, so you can send your dog between a number of threats in a situation where you are outnumbered. We also train these dogs in “stealth mode,” which allows you to put your protection dog on a state of heightened alert without escalating a situation. For example, if you found yourself walking in a dark corridor at night with potential dangers, your dog can discreetly be told to prepare for trouble.

We offer fully trained personal protection dogs and training for your current dog.

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