Introducing King – a magnificent Doberman who just turned 3 years old. Weighing in at a striking 90 pounds, King is not just a dog; he’s a statement. We met King at just 9 weeks old, and since then he has completed our advanced on and off-leash obedience training and protector level protection training while living at home with a family.

Raised in a loving family environment with children, King is the epitome of social grace and impeccable manners. He is easy to handle, laid back, and social enough to accompany you anywhere you go. He enjoys a game of fetch or basking in the sun on a leisurely afternoon.

King isn’t just looking for any home; he’s looking for the right home. Only approved homes need apply for this distinguished companion. If you’re ready to welcome a regal addition into your life, prepare to be captivated by King’s charm, elegance, and unwavering loyalty.


Introducing Shana, an exquisite female Belgian Malinois, a true standout in both appearance and temperament. With a strikingly elegant head, perfectly shaped ears, and a body adorned with rich, dark pigment, she captivates all who meet her. Despite her petite stature, her heart is boundless. 

She effortlessly charms everyone she meets with her sociable nature, readily engaging with people of all ages, including children. Her calm and gentle nature makes her a cherished presence in any family setting. She rides well in the car and is happy to accompany you wherever you may go whether it be hanging out in the office, watching tv, or going for walks or hikes, she is happy to be by your side and thrives on companionship. 

For those seeking a canine companion to share life’s every moment, she is the perfect match. With her unwavering loyalty and affable demeanor, she is poised to become an integral part of your family’s adventures and cherished memories.

Please note that Shana is available exclusively to approved homes only. We are committed to ensuring she finds the perfect environment where her unique qualities can flourish and be appreciated to the fullest.


Rip is a handsome male Belgian Malinois, with a calm and social nature. In everyday life, Rip is easy to handle for adults and children alike. He is good with other dogs, and gentle with children.


Introducing Jaso, a young black male German Shepherd male with an affectionate and charismatic personality.

Jaso is  highly intelligent and eager-to-please; he thrives on learning and following commands. His strong desire to make his handler happy and his inherent drive to excel enable him to quickly grasp obedience training and respond with enthusiasm and precision. With Jaso by your side, you’ll have a devoted companion who is always ready to impress with his obedience and willingness to please.

In every day life Jaso is social and when it comes to children, Jaso’s gentle and patient nature truly shines. He also gets along well with other dogs.

In terms of protection, Jaso excels at providing a sense of security. His natural protective instincts are coupled with a solid foundation of training, allowing him to assess and respond to potential threats effectively. Whether it’s being vigilant during walks or keeping a watchful eye over your home, Jaso’s protective nature will provide peace of mind.






Meet Bruno, an extraordinary one-year-old sable German Shepherd male, an exceptional companion ready to bring joy and loyalty into your life. With his calm and well-mannered demeanor, he effortlessly blends into everyday life, making him the perfect addition to any family. Whether it’s a cozy evening watching TV, accompanying you to the office, or embarking on outdoor adventures, this remarkable dog is always content and adaptable.

Bruno’s laid-back nature is a testament to his balanced temperament, making him an excellent choice for families with children and an ideal travel partner. Whether you’re seeking a canine friend to join you on your daily walks or to accompany you on your travels, Bruno is ready to be by your side, embracing every moment.

Bruno is social and friendly and forges bonds with individuals of all ages. His gentle and patient nature makes him especially great with children, offering a trustworthy and caring presence for the little ones in your family.

In terms of protection, Bruno showcases his impressive abilities when the situation calls for it. With the ability to swiftly shift into a protective mode at a moment’s notice, he demonstrates his unwavering dedication to keeping you safe. His innate instincts are complemented by his solid training, ensuring that he can confidently handle any potential threat and back up his actions when necessary.

If you are searching for a loyal, well-rounded companion who brings peace, joy, and protection into your life, look no further than Bruno!


Prepare to be captivated by the sheer beauty and power exuded by Belize, a 2 year old female Belgian Malinois. Standing tall and proud, Belize showcases an impressive size for a female malinois; one that demands attention wherever she goes. Her sleek and graceful physique perfectly complements her breathtaking features, making her a sight to behold.

Not only is Belize a vision of beauty, but she also possesses an extraordinary level of power that is typically associated only with male dogs. This unique blend of femininity and strength sets her apart from the rest. From the moment you lay eyes on Belize, it becomes clear that she is more than just a pretty face; she is a force to be reckoned with.

Belize’s obedience skills are nothing short of exceptional. With unwavering focus and precision, she performs her commands flawlessly, leaving onlookers in awe of her obedience and attentiveness.

When it comes to protection, she possesses lightning-fast reflexes, ensuring that she is always one step ahead of any potential threat. Her bark resonates with a ferocity that commands attention, serving as a deterrent to those who would dare challenge her. And when push comes to shove, Belize delivers a devastating bite, leaving no doubt about her unwavering commitment to protecting her loved ones.

Belize’s rare combination of beauty, strength, and intelligence make her an ideal companion for those who seek an extraordinary canine companion. Whether you’re looking for a loyal guardian or a companion who will turn heads wherever you go, Belize is the epitome of excellence.

Yber – Sold

Yber is one of a kind, and instantly captures the heart of everyone he meets. He has a beautifully shaped head that pairs well with his large body and red sable coat. In everyday life Yber is eager to please his handler and enjoys spending time with them. He is social with people, and good with children. He travels well, and quickly adapts to his new environment. He has a medium energy level; and while he would love to go for a walk, hike, or play ball, he is happy to hang out watching tv or lay beside you while you read a book. In protection he is intense and ready to defend at a moments notice.


Pira is a gorgeous black sable female German Shepherd with a big heart. Pira is social with people and eager to please. In protection she puts all of her heart and soul into her performance and is ready at a moments notice to protect what matters most.


Drago is a young Dutch Shepherd male with beautiful dark brindle coloring. Drago is easy to handle, loves to meet people, and is happy to accompany you anywhere you go. He is good with children and laid back in the house.

Dutchie – Sold

Dutch Shepherd Protection Dog

Dutchie is a beautiful young female Dutch Shepherd. Dutchie is medium sized for a female and comes from exceptional lineage. She is easy to handle and executes commands with speed and precision and is always eager to please. In every day life she is good with children, dogs, and has good house manners. She enjoys playing, but does not have too much energy, and can dial back at home and lie down at your side and watch tv or sit by the desk while you work. She knows a variety of tricks including spin, roll over and beg and is happy to entertain.