Yber is one of a kind, and instantly captures the heart of everyone he meets. He has a beautifully shaped head that pairs well with his large body and red sable coat. In everyday life Yber is eager to please his handler and enjoys spending time with them. He is social with people, and good with children. He travels well, and quickly adapts to his new environment. He has a medium energy level; and while he would love to go for a walk, hike, or play ball, he is happy to hang out watching tv or lay beside you while you read a book. In protection he is intense and ready to defend at a moments notice.


Pira is a gorgeous black sable female German Shepherd with a big heart. Pira is social with people and eager to please. In protection she puts all of her heart and soul into her performance and is ready at a moments notice to protect what matters most.


Zuzu is a beautiful 9 month old female German Shepherd looking for her forever home. Zuzu is fully trained in on and off-leash obedience, and has not been trained for bite work yet. While Zuzu loves people, she will do best in a single dog household or  household with a male dog. She will make an excellent family companion. For More Information please Contact Us.


Drago is a young Dutch Shepherd male with beautiful dark brindle coloring. Drago is easy to handle, loves to meet people, and is happy to accompany you anywhere you go. He is good with children and laid back in the house.


Dutch Shepherd Protection Dog

Dutchie is a beautiful young female Dutch Shepherd. Dutchie is medium sized for a female and comes from exceptional lineage. She is easy to handle and executes commands with speed and precision and is always eager to please. In every day life she is good with children, dogs, and has good house manners. She enjoys playing, but does not have too much energy, and can dial back at home and lie down at your side and watch tv or sit by the desk while you work. She knows a variety of tricks including spin, roll over and beg and is happy to entertain.


Zidan is a handsome solid black male German Shepherd weighing in at 90 pounds at almost 2 years of age. Zidan captures attention everywhere he goes and while he may be intimidating to some, he is social with people and loves to be the center of attention. In obedience Zidan is quick to respond to an array of commands fully off leash and is always motivated to do what he is asked. In everyday life he loves to go for walks, play ball, or hang out and watch tv. In protection, he is trained for all of our Guardian Plus exercises and is ready to defend your property or family when called upon.


Luna is a beautiful 2 year old sable female German Shepherd with a large frame generally only seen in males. Luna is easy to handle in every day life and forms a deep bond with her handler and family. She is obedient and well mannered and loves to play fetch, go for a walk or a run. Luna is sweet and affectionate with people, yet ready to defend her family and home. On one side she is loving and sweet, while in protection she is tenacious and powerful, ready to put an end to any threat that may come to her family.


Floky is a large sable male German Shepherd with exceptional ability in protection. In obedience he is flashy and in-tune with his handler; awaiting each command and executing them with speed and precision. He loves to work and play, and his favorite thing to do is play fetch with his ball. He is good with cats, horses, chickens and other livestock, as well as small dogs. In protection he has a deep bark and devastating bite. He is quick to turn on and has good speed. He loves outdoor activities and would make a good companion for someone into activities like running or hiking and he travels well in the car. In addition to his on and off-leash obedience and protection commands, he also knows a few tricks including sit pretty.



Ferra is a beautiful young female Belgian Malinois. Ferra is medium sized for a female Malinois and comes from exceptional lineage. Ferra has lived with children and is social with people. She loves to play ball, go for walks, and is always ready to respond to her commands. She is easy to handle and executes commands with speed and precision. In protection she is quick and agile, and has a deep bark.She has good speed and agility and a hard bite making her a pleasure to watch in action.



Arya is a female Belgian Malinois born on December 31, 2020. Arya’s mother, Ferra, was imported by us from the Czech Republic, and his father resides in the Czech Republic. We expect Arya to be an average sized female Malinois at 60-65 lbs. Both of Arya’s parents are HD and ED O/O, Spondy Free, and fully DNA’d and health tested. Arya has been born and raised indoors, exposed to children and other pets on a daily basis. She is crate trained and has begun housebreaking, and has started the foundation to obedience and developing her drive and bite. We love Arya’s  sweet and upbeat personality. Arya is available as a puppy, or for an additional cost, she may stay with us for further development and training or be brought back to us at an older age for training.