Meet Lufy: a German Shepherd from Dubai

Protection Dogs Plus’ sister company is now working with Lufy, a young German Shepherd sent to us from Dubai, UAE for obedience training. The training system that First Choice Canine has developed can provide dogs of any breed with rock-solid stays, off-leash heeling, manners, tricks and more. Our off-leash obedience program is something we include with all of our Protector, Guardian, and Guardian Plus protection dogs for sale. Often, clients purchasing a fully trained personal protection dog from us would also like to enjoy this kind of ease and peace of mind with the pets they already have. If you are interested in the kind of obedience training you see in the video below, please contact us for more information.


We Offer Obedience Training, Too!

You probably know by now that we offer protection training for German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois—both with our fully trained protection dogs for sale as well as the training we offer for dogs that pass our evaluation. What you might not know is that we also offer separate obedience training services for anyone trying to achieve the same high level off-leash control that you see in this video.

See PDP’s obedience training in action!
In fact, we’ve had dogs sent to us from across the globe just for our obedience training! That’s because for many of our clients, their protection dog isn’t the only dog in the house. When you send your pet dog off for obedience training with us, you’re able to accomplish two things:

  1. Your new protection dog will be trained and socialized right alongside your existing pet, ensuring that they will interact in the best way possible.
  2. When it comes time for delivery, you’ll feel like your pet is coming back as a new dog! You can enjoy your life with him or her free of frustrating behavior issues.

People seek out our training because they want peace of mind, and they have seen for themselves the kind of safety and convenience our training can offer them. Our obedience training is based on the proven methods of our sister company, First Choice Canine. First Choice Canine trains every breed and every size—from Norwich Terriers to Great Danes! Click here to see a client talk about her experience with our advanced on & off-leash obedience training.

To get started, contact us today and request obedience training for your current dog.

See One Oklahoma Protection Dog Owner’s Review of PDP

We recently delivered a stunning sable German Shepherd protection dog named Aspen to Oklahoma. His new owner, Josh, sent us his review and his thoughts on working with Protection Dogs Plus:

When we decided to have Aspen join the family, it was the best decision we had ever made.

We have had the worst luck when it came to dogs. Training had never been anything we were good at….ever. Potty training, obedience….you name it, we can’t do it! We were looking for a dog that was 100% kid friendly. We wanted a dog that wasn’t going to jump on the kids, or play and bite in a rough manner. We needed a dog that was already housebroken and trained in obedience. We found so much more than that.

We researched several companies over the last year and made contact with many of them; some of which never returned our call. Other websites we looked at were old and outdated. The Protection Dogs Plus website stays updated so we were able to go through it and see any changes that had been made. We ultimately decided to go with them for several reasons. When we contacted Protection Dogs Plus, the owner Khaled actually called us back and answered every question we had. He was readily available to talk to and we never felt like we were bothering him with our questions, and believe me we had a ton of them. We never felt any pressure to purchase a dog.

We decided on Aspen. Before delivery, Khaled would call us with updates on Aspen and even sent us a video of him. At delivery, they were very professional and explained every command and behavior to the extreme and never rushed our training. Their main objective was to make sure every family member felt comfortable around Aspen and worked with us until we felt good handling him with obedience and protection.

We had very high expectations for a dog of that quality and price so I wasn’t willing to accept anything less than what Khaled promised Aspen to be. Of course, I had doubts due to the bad dog experiences in the past. Not only did Aspen meet our expectations, he exceeded them in every way. Aspen’s obedience is flawless and his protection work is superior. He is the perfect fit to our family. We instantly bonded with Aspen and our shih-tzu even loves him!

We are so happy with Aspen and our decision to trust Protection Dogs Plus with placing him with us. We will never purchase another dog from anyone other than Protection Dogs Plus.

—Josh D., Oklahoma


Protection Dog Trick Training

Just one of the many ‘pluses’ clients can request from Protection Dogs Plus is trick training!

Why would I want my personal protection dog to know tricks?

Our personal protection dogs are one of the best layers of security you can rely on. They have the ability to detect and defuse a dangerous situation before it escalates. We’re realistic about the fact that 99% of the time, the dogs we offer for sale will be working as trusty sidekicks and not baring their teeth at bad guys. Our priority is making sure that should the day ever come when you are in a dangerous situation, that you have a trained bodyguard at your side at every possible moment. How do we do that? By making it a daily joy to have a personal protection dog!

The cornerstone of that effort is our advanced off-leash obedience training, powered by First Choice Canine’s proven obedience training system. Once your dog is walking by your side and hanging off your every word, you won’t think twice about bringing your dog with you on trips into town, vacations, or anywhere else you might be.

Tricks are the cherry on top: trick training is a great opportunity for your family to have fun bonding time with your dog while reinforcing his or her obedience. If someone is intimidated by the sight of a well built German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois protection dog and you don’t want them to be—in the case of a nervous friend, for example—you can help set their mind at ease by running through a trick routine. This will illustrate that your personal protection dog is highly trained and good natured, not something that any honest person needs to fear.

What kind of tricks are possible?

Lots of them! Some examples include speak, roll, spin, walk backwards, and “fetch a beer.”

Recently, we delivered protection dogs to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including a pair of Belgian Malinois who can be seen here showing off at their new home outside of Dubai (Abu Dhabi).

Which of your protection dogs for sale know tricks?

Trick training depends completely on the natural ability of the dog, and keep in mind we’re talking about a completely different skill set than personal protection. Just as you wouldn’t expect every Secret Service agent to be able to play classical guitar, don’t expect that each dog is capable of the same tricks. If you see a dog that interests you and want to know where he or she stands with trick training, send us a message today. You can even request special tricks and we’ll let you know if it’s possible or not.

Already have one of our trained protection dogs and want to add some tricks to his or her arsenal? Get in touch with us about additional training.

Glossary of More Advanced Protection + Obedience Exercises

Guardians like Asterix can do a lot more than smile for the camera.

By Dan Moore

Our sole purpose is to pair families with trained protection dogs that will keep them safe. We do this by taking our training to the extreme, whether it’s fully immersing the dogs in various home and public environments or teaching them the most advanced protection commands possible. In conjunction with our training levels chart, this glossary will help you understand some of the exercises our dogs are capable of.

Heel: Your protection dog stays virtually glued to your leg as you walk, giving you his or her full attention and sitting whenever you stop. Your dog will resume walking when you do.

Relaxed Heel: Similar to the heel command, your dog will stay by your side until released. The difference here is that the dog walks in a more casual way within a three foot radius of your body. This becomes a constant part of our clients’ routines- from walking down a busy sidewalk to taking dogs out to the bathroom.

Down in Motion: Even if your dog is moving at full speed, you can give the word and your dog will drop to a sit or down position.

Place: With this command you have the power to designate a place for your dog to sit or lie down on command. This is a great command to use if you’re having company over and want your dog to keep a low profile.

Food/Toy Refusal: Your dog will wait for your command before taking food or toys.

Turn On Aggressively: In a situation where you need your protection dog to fend off an attacker, you can give the command to “turn on.” Your dog will enter a state of heightened alertness while baring his or her teeth, growling and barking and monitoring the situation. Your dog will await your command and will only actually pursue an attacker if you give the order.

Turn Off: When the situation is defused and you want your protection dog to return to its normal gentle self, you can give your dog the command to “turn off.” Your dog will not show any aggression again until you request it.

Target Parts of Body: We train our protection dogs to go after more than a sleeve or suit, and to be able to leverage their power and fight with technique. If you give your dog the command to attack, he or she will target whichever part of the body will neutralize the threat quickly.

Overcome Obstacles: Our protection dog training takes obstacles into account. From climbing walls, hills, rocks and furniture to jumping out of and into cars and windows, we prepare our dogs to size up a situation and find the best path forward, all while maintaining a tight focus on the threat and any additional commands given by the handler. Exposing our dogs to a variety of obstacles and environments minimizes distraction and improves their response time.

Fighting Skills: Guard dogs and protection dogs may be most known for barking and biting, but our approach is more holistic: we teach our dogs to use their entire body as a tool to fight against a threat. By using a muzzle to remove the option of biting, our dogs learn to tenaciously wrestle, scratch and claw until the handler turns them off.

Turn of Passive Threat: Your dog will turn on aggressively against even a passive threat on your command. A common mistake in protection dog training is to only prepare a dog to go after someone moving in a threatening way. The problem here is that the dog is only conditioned for a very specific set of circumstances. Someone can threaten you without any sudden or imposing movements. Our training is designed so that you can ask your dog to show aggression and deter the threat before they even have a chance to escalate to physicality.

360° Secure: Your dog will turn on aggressively against an attacker (showing teeth, barking and growling) while staying glued to your body in a tight circle, protecting you from attack in any direction. The dog will only bite if you give an additional command, or if the threat attempts to touch you or intrude into this protective barrier.

Guarded Escape: Once you have given your dog the command for 360° Secure, you can walk away from the situation. Your dog will remain in a heightened state of alert until you’re safe and give the command to turn off.

Stealth Mode: Under this command, your dog will be covertly primed for action and waiting intently for an additional command. If you have a gut feeling that you’re in a potentially dangerous situation but do not want to escalate things by turning your dog on aggressively, you can simply put your dog in this standby command.

Multiple Attackers: In the event that there are multiple threats to your safety, you can send your protection dog on a specific person. Your dog will make eye contact with you and follow the signal you give. You can recall your dog at any time, and you can have your dog switch to a different threat mid-bite. By using your judgment and selecting the most prominent threat at any given time, you are given the most control possible in a dangerous situation.

You can see these exercises in action by watching our videos, and be sure to contact us for any additional information.