Protection Dogs: The Modern Woman’s Best Friend

“An attacker will always expect a woman to pause in their own self-defense; a dog will never hesitate.”     […]

Some of our Protection Dog Training Obstacles

Our clients demand the best possible training for their protection dogs so that they will be prepared for whatever situation […]

See One Oklahoma Protection Dog Owner’s Review of PDP

We recently delivered a stunning sable German Shepherd protection dog named Aspen to Oklahoma. His new owner, Josh, sent us […]

Protection Dog Trick Training

Just one of the many ‘pluses’ clients can request from Protection Dogs Plus is trick training! Why would I want […]

Our 3 Levels for Protection Dog Training Explained

We train Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd dogs for home protection in three different levels: Protector, Guardian and Guardian Plus. […]

Protection Dogs Plus Still Serving Clients in Nigeria

We will soon be delivering two German Shepherd protection dogs to the area of Lagos, Nigeria: Rex and Falco. These […]

Training Personal Protection Dogs for Texas Life

Some of the best graduates of Protection Dogs Plus’ training program are keeping families safe in Texas. See Klaus, one […]

Step by Step: Buying One of Our Protection Dogs for Sale

Hicks and Aden during a socialization training session in Brentwood, NH If our guide to raising a puppy for protection […]

Update: Military Working Dog Teams to Get National Monument

By Dan Moore In January we posted about some provisions of the Canine Members of the Armed Services Act (H.R. […]

Don’t Let an Aggressive Guard Dog In!

The best family protection dogs are friendly, not aggressive! Countless people, often times children, become victims of severely disfiguring and […]

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